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Channing Tatum To Star In A Gay Romantic Comedy?!?!

Ay dios mio!!

Cinema Blend is reporting that the Magic Mike star is going to make all of our dreams come true when he stars in a gay romantic comedy from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig!

Cinema Blend writes:

The biggest news Feig dropped between courses  was that he is in development on a Tatum-fronted romantic comedy, which he expects will turn the genre on its head. But before you start pondering which pretty starlet with share space on its poster, let me tell you it's a gay rom-com. It's premise is that a normal schmo gets involved with someone as crazy hot as the Sexiest Man of The Year, and basically can’t cope. Attached to co-star opposite Tatum is SNL's newcomer, John Milhiser. Feig has been a fan of this comedian for years, and actually introduced him to Lorne Michaels. 

So after reading this we threw ourselves down on the altar where we generally praise Joe Manganiello and Oprah and wept for joy, making promises and preparing to perform rain dances. 

Then this happened:

Indiewire is now debunking the Cinema Blend report saying Channing's reps have stated, "This is completely not true."

So what IS true?! 

Did the conversation with director Paul Feig even happen, Cinema Blend? Was he joking? Were you joking?? Are Channing's reps wisely trying to throw us off the scent and preemptively keep us from showing up on set (or for screen-tests with Channing?!)??

We're going to investigate this further. No stone or Magic Mike thong will be left unturned. 

What do you think is the truth, Instincters?


I totally agree !!  If its NOT TRUE then WHY put it out there for us to Drool over....  If there is any TRUTH then his Co Star should be Steve Sandvoss from Latter Days or even Wes Ramsey also from Latter Days


omg why is this even an article if it isn't happening... 

If Lorne Michaels is attached in any way, shape or form to this project, it's not good. Think "I Now Pronounce You, Chuck & Larry". Stinky bad.

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