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Chappell Roan Will Give You A Good Hurt!

Chappell Roan’s Harmony Instantly Makes Her Your New Girl Crush

“Use Me Just Like I Used You.”

Interview Magazine just discovered my new, favorite Artist! Chappell Roan, a 19 year old singer from small town, Missouri, has hypnotized me with her first released track, Good Hurt, off her album, School Nights which drops on September 15th.

Roan spoke with Interview to state:

“When I sing, I want people to feel every emotion. I hope they get a better understanding of me as a human being and not just as a singer. I want [you] to know who I am. All of my songs come directly from my personal experiences. Good Hurt happens to come from a time when I was in a relationship, but wanted a different person who was toxic for me. The song is about me wanting something that I know is not good for me.”

You’re going to love this! In Roan’s music video, the scene is set to what appears to be a vintage mental asylum straight out of your nightmares. Pain is all the rage, as she's literally poked with needles, submerged in a tub, and lathered by melancholy nurses. The video matches the theme of Roan’s enchanting voice and lyrics. Here’s just a few:

“I know I’m impatient. Bite your tongue, or I’ll do it for you. You can taste hesitation, mouth to mouth conversation. I’ve even tried medication, cold-hearted frustration. You can call it foundation, I’ll call you when I’m wasted. No one else compares to who I had first. All I really want is a good hurt.”

Wanting someone else that is toxic for you while you’re in a perfectly fine relationship? Isn’t that something that we are all guilty of? Instead of cowering in a corner with blame, check out Roan’s video below. I guarantee you’ll be humming it throughout your weekend!

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