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Charice's Mom Claims She Was A Lesbian, But 'Changed'

Well here's a twist.  As you know, global star Charice Pempengco (Glee's "Sunshine") came out as a lesbian last week. While it's not necessarily surprising that her family's not thrilled about it, we were surprised to hear that her mother, Raquel Pempengco has taken the extra step of holding a press conference to make her own announcement?

So what did Raquel have to say?

Raquel was apparently involved with women once herself, but was "convinced" by her mother to marry a man and start a family. 

The Huffington Post translated Raquel's comments to the news source Bandila. Raquel says, "I'm the lesbian. I'm the lesbian -- until my mom sent me off to my husband and Charice's father. I told Charice this before, I told her that I experienced what it's like, too. But then I changed."

As to why she decided to hold a press conference, Raquel explains, "I spoke out because I couldn't take the accusations that I couldn't accept my daughter," she said. "If there's one person who knows what it's like, it's me. But as you can see, I kept it hidden for so many years, because I didn't want to destroy her."

This all sounds complicated.  Hopefully mother and daughter will be able to speak privately--clearly they've got a few things in common.