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Charles Barkley Speaks Out In Support Of Gays & Michael Sam

Former NBA player Charles Barkley spoke out in support of gay rights and specifically gay athletes, including Michael Sam, to CNN's Wolf Blitzer, saying:

 "I think it's an insult to gay people to think that they are going to be looking at their teammates in a sexual way. That's an insult to all gay men. And we welcome them to the locker room, and I wish Mr. Sam the best."

Check out Barkley's segment:

Regarding how gay players would be received by their teammates, Barkley said:

 "I think they're going to be safe with their teammates. I think the public at large is more homophobic than guys in the locker room. I think we as players get a bad rap."

What do you think of Charles Barkley's comments, Instincters?