Charlie Hunnam Applying Lotion Is Barely SFW To Be Honest


Dear diary, today I saw Charlie Hunnam applying sunscreen at the beach, and I felt something... down there! Fans of the original British version of Queer as Folk might remember Charlie Hunnam as sexy blonde twink Nathan who gets busy with Aidan Gillen's Stuart. And while Hunnam never really "Longbottomed" aka had a "glow up" - because the girl was always fine as fine can be - his looks definitely changed. Now the thirty-seven-year-old Hunnam is ripped A-list leading man material, and you can see every inch of his bankable bod in these blessed new pap pics!

Hunnam is currently in Hawaii filming the flick Triple Frontier, and while the paps have had no trouble catching Hunnam shirtless on the beach, there's just something about a buff blonde Adonis applying sunscreen that really does it for me. The family man in me sees father material - a man who understands the importance of protecting oneself from harmful UV rays. The skank in me sees subtle bulge action and rippling slippery slidey muscles! As per usual, these pics are diamond opal ring crusade double cash back exclusive, so you'll have to hit the link below to check them out. Does Charlie make you say "Hu-nom-nom-nom?" Let us know!

Head HERE for the pics