Charlie Hunnam Reveals His Man Crush

In an interview with Mr. Porter, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword star Charlie Hunnam shared that he developed a crush on superstar David Beckham who makes a cameo in the film. 

Welcome to the club, Charlie! 

He shares:

“David Beckham asked me my opinion a few times on different bits and bobs. I don’t know if it was any help or not, but I was really blown away. It became very clear why and how Beckham’s become the phenomenon that he has. Because he showed up determined to do a good job. He’d worked with a dialect coach, and maybe an acting coach. I sort of anticipated, well, he’s a superstar. This is not his primary or even his secondary focus; this is just a bit of a giggle for him. But that work ethic just shone through. And that, combined with him just being humble and kind and accessible, was very endearing. I’m not a football man, so upfront, I didn’t really have a strong feeling one or way or another. But by the time he left, I had a little bit of a crush on him. He was pretty f–king cool.”

We ship it! 


(H/T: Homorazzi)