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Check out the Japanese Gay Web Series "Tokyo Neighbors"

There are a lot of great gay web series out there, but we don’t give a lot of attention for ones that aren’t about white Americans.

So, when gay web series like Tokyo Neighbors comes along, we should all give them a try.

I just discovered the web series this morning and thought why not watch an episode or two. After all, they’re only about 5-7 minutes each. That’s not hard to quickly sit down and watch.

As for what the series is about, it’s a simple look at gay life in Japan.

The first episode specifically shows what its like to sit around in a Japenese gay bar. We are introduced to the small establishment, its bartender, and some of the regular customers. They talk about their lives (dating and otherwise) and just enjoy each others company.

In that aspect, I liked the episode. Its very Cheers-y with everybody knowing your name and all the faces seeming familiar.

And I loved the intro/outros of the episode. Specifically, the drawings of each of the characters was cute and amazingly realistic.

That said, there was also stuff that I didn’t like.

For starters, that song choice? Terrible.

Also, the audio in general seemed off. It sounded like the dialogue was dubbed. Normally, I’d be like, “Sure Devin.” But, that might actually be the case this time as sometimes web series do dub themselves. They do it so that if actors have accents, voice actors can dub them over to make sure everyone has the same sound and accent.

In addition, I honestly had no idea what was going with the shot glass situation. Perhaps that's followed up in a future episode. If you’ve watched the video were you also confused by that?

If you haven’t watched the video, check it out above. Then let me know down in the comments what you think.