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Check Out These Roommates' Response To Their Gay Roomie Coming Out

With roommates like these, we'd never leave!

Reddit user mo_Effort came out as gay to his roommates, but we don't think he expected this overt display of support. 

He writes:

“Told my new roommates I was gay last night: this was their response:"

​He goes on to explain: 

Prior to me officially telling them, I went for a walk with a friend. While we were out, some gay dudes in town were asking for support and to sign a petition against some sort of anti-equality act. We signed the petition and got some free stickers and went home. When i went home I wasn’t planning on tell them or anything but that night it just sorta happened and as a joke i showed them the stickers then viola. My roommate put them on our adjacent doors!

All of the applause for these roomies and their show of support!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


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This is awesome!!! Wish my roommate was as accepting when my roommate found out I was gay not only did he went to spread rumors about me, but also tried to get his boyfriend to kick me out of the apartment. 

How loving and supportive...that would have made me feel really good about the people I had chosen to live with...nice.

Ignore the trolls, there a dying breed. People love to talk shit behind a keyboard, but it's usually because they are psycho closet case's. You can come out... really, we won. ;)

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That comment is absolutely not acceptable. You can have your opinions about the situation, but there is no need to be hateful or vulgar. This post is supposed to be encouraging, so lets keep the comments that way. And what those roommates did is awesome. Way to spread love and acceptance. :)

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I think you might be gay coming up with things like that. 

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That's not just good roommates... they are family! Kudos to them!

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