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Check Out This Weeks InstaHottie: DirrtyLollipop

Instagram is saturated with just the most beautiful men, often half naked, which we are 100% behind, so have we got a treat for you! This week, our InstaHottie is none other than Stuart Grainger, or DirrtyLollipop on Instagram. The Irish stud spoke to us about traveling, training and taking it out on the dance floor!

Nice to speak to you today Stuart, let's get right in shall we! Where did the name DirrtyLollipop come from?

This is an appropriate first question! This will save me time from telling people one by one.

I had a best friend from Venezuela when I was a teenager and he was already giving me the nickname "Wolfboy". I loved it but didn't feel it came as naturally as I wanted it to. One night, we were out dancing and like many other nights before it, my friend was dancing with his cock out smacking it off peoples back as they danced unknowingly. I decided to take mine out too and we would cock fight on the dance floor. He always called me his lollipop and that night, he burst out in laughter and called me his Dirrtylollipop, and the nickname was born... very fitting I must say.


You’ve spent quite a lot of time traveling across Bali, how does it feel to be back home in Ireland?

I really needed that past 2 years in Bali. I had spent 10 years with an amazing man and when that ended I need to experience myself. Bali was that place for me and now being back home is like a full circle. I'm surrounded by memories and history of many happy years. I feel my soul filling up with love again.

You’re clearly not shy about showing your body, and we aren’t mad about it! What’s your gym and diet routine?

thank you! I'm a firm believer of expressing self love and when I was single I wanted to treat my body the best I could inside and out (aka, a revenge body). Food in Indonesia is so incredible and my diet consisted of 95% vegetables. I started slowly going to the gym 3 times a week while maintaining a very healthy diet, nothing too strict, but this past year I've taken it up a notch and wanted to progress and continue to prove to myself I can be better. I gym now 5 times a week and now firmly believe in cheat days!

What is your favourite part of yourself?

My eyes. Our eyes hold a unique power that no one other person can have.

Ask me again in a year it might be my Ass #squatgoals 

Biggest turn on?

Emotionally, Affection and kindness. Physically, eyes and a killer smile.


What does your ideal guy look like?

He doesn't.  I find beauty in many forms.

Dogs or cats?

That's a mean question! I love them both equally.


Celebrity crush?

Can it be Gambit from X-men?


So there we are, guys. Get in line for a hairy Irish guy with a love for a killer smile, dogs AND cats, and traveling the world! 

Follow Stuart on Instagram @DirrtyLollipop for more insanely hot pictures!