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Cher Gets Real--Opens Up On Fears Of Aging, Her Career & Legacy

USA Today has published a fascinating interview with Cher--and what truly makes it a must read is how open she is about her own insecurities with regards to aging and the state of her career and legacy. 

Even the seemingly indomitable Cher can be vulnerable, guys! 

Here's an excerpt from the USA Today piece:

In June, Cher took the spotlight on the finale of The Voice to unleash dance anthem Woman's World, the debut single from Closer to the Truth, her first album since 2002. The stage warhorse with 50 years of performing behind her concedes that she felt terrified.

"Everyone judges you on what you just did," she says. "Right before I walked out there, I told my mom, 'I'm so sweating it. I'm a has-been. My career is nothing.' It's my first time out of the box in 12 years, in front of 20 million people. If it had been horrible, they would have tarred and feathered my whole life with that brush. My career would have ended on such a sad note."

Whoa. Doesn't an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, three Golden Globes, sales of 100 million solo albums and a half-century of diva status bolster faith in her talent?

"Ah, no, not at all," she says. "I keep coming back because I have no place else to go. What else would I do? I love to sing."


"It's been so long since I made a record — not since gramophones," she says. "I can't get on radio because they're not playing women who are almost 100."

Ask her how the industry can possibly ignore a global superstar simply for crossing the Medicare threshold, and she bellows, "Oh, my God, look in the mirror! It gets harder when you're working against girls in their 20s. Tell me who at my age is making a record and wants to be on radio? When I started out, I thought I'd be dead by now."

Even Cher underestimates the power of Cher.


This a great read, Instincters. We'd definitely suggest heading over to USA Today where Cher spills even more of her truth tea!

Oh and Cher--at 67-years-old, you're still EVERYTHING. Don't forget it! 


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