Cher-mageddon: "Woman's World" Live Performance & Lyric Vid!

Whether or not you were able to get over the repurposed original-fur "I've Got You Babe" vest atop Cher's mostly-plastic head, you most likely agree with the masses that the 67-year old's "still got it" after last night's performance of "Woman's World" on The Voice

There were midriffs! Choreography! Fist pumps! And a decent summertime dance-pop single, too!

So, without further adieu, to relive the glory that was Cher's massive return to live TV performance, here are videos from Tuesday night's The Voice finale and the "Woman's World" lyric video that was released after the performance:





What do ya think? TELL THE TRUTH!



is it possible that she is better than ever? I think so!

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