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Cher Talks Mentoring On 'The Voice': "It's Very Difficult."

Cher surprised us all when it was announced that she'd be joining The Voice as a mentor for Blake Shelton's team--but for a performer who's done it all, this must have been a piece of cake, right?

Not quite!

Cher tells E! News' Marc Malkin: "It was much more of a responsibility than I thought. I didn't know what it was going to be, but I couldn't imagine it was going to be anything, um, deep."

"It was profound, and I worked really hard," Cher said. "I was focusing, I was so concentrating on these people and I had a great time with [Blake]. He's hysterical and ridiculous. But the actual work is very difficult."

She continued, "It was hard for me though because I kind of got emotionally involved with everybody and I wanted everyone to be good and everyone to win and of course, that's not possible.

"But there were some people that I thought, 'Boy, these kids are really talented—really, really talented.'"


We're sure all of Cher's mentees will take away a lot from the legend's guidance. It's Cher, bitch! Are you looking forward to seeing Cher on The Voice, Instincters?


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