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Cheyenne Jackson & Husband Call It Quits??

Say it ain't so! Queerty is reporting that Cheyenne Jackson and his hubby (legally, in fact) Monte Lapka have called it quits.

Now Cheyenne may be one of the great loves of our lives (whom we've never met), but this one's a a gut punch. The pair married in 2011 after eleven years together!  CAN LOVE LAST?!!  Is anything sacred?!

Head here for a rundown from a source that's allegedly close to Cheyenne and claims to have insight on the situation. The source isn't exactly kind in their account, so we'll let them speak for themselves. 

We will note that Cheyenne is sporting new tattoos, has shaved his head (maybe for a movie role?), and has allegedly relocated to West Hollywood, so we'll leave you to ponder what any or all of that means. 

We're sad. We love you, Cheyenne! Call us. 


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