Child Calls InfoWars Reporter A 'F***ing Idiot,' Immediately Becomes Our Hero

This is so very satisfying to watch!

If you're not familiar with InfoWars and the site's head honcho, Alex Jones, all you need to know is that the man and the site both espouse far-right conspiracy theorist BS

Which is why watching this video, in which a young child calls an InfoWars reporter a "fucking idiot" is the visual equivalent of eating ice cream on a hot summer day!

The Daily Dot has more:

A video surfaced online on Wednesday of an InfoWars so-called reporter, doing one of their infamous man-on-the-street interviews, approaching a child. When the interviewer approaches her and shoves the logo-emblazoned cube mic in her face and asks her “How are you young man?” things get hilarious.


H/T: Joe My God