Chilling Blast From The Past: "Hitler To Take Down Anti-Jewish Signs For Olympics"

A stark reminder of how far xenophobia can go has surfaced online today as a clip from a 1935 New York Times article draws comparisons with a battle over the 2014 Olympics. 

From the article (which is behind a paywall): 

[IOC chair Baillet-Latour] attacked energetically groups in the United States that have opposed American participation in the Berlin games.  He asserted that the agitation against participation was exclusively a political campaign, citing as evidence the fact that none of the national Olympic committees now opposed having the games in Berlin.

He declared that the non-participation movement was being well financed and was “based on lies,” representing nothing more than a trump card in the hand of certain interested groups that have nothing to do with sport.

The Olympic boycott movement in the United States was referred to as a policy limiting the athletes’ freedom, while the International Olympic Committee’s policy was cited as a policy of freedom giving the individual the right to decide of his own free will.

Sound familiar?

(Via AmericaBlog)