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Chris Evans & Brother Scott Share Childhood Stories On 'The Tonight Show'

Chris "Captain America" Evans and his brother Scott (formerly our favorite gay cop, Oliver Fish, on One Life To Live) stopped by The Tonight Show as Chris did his Captain America: The Winter Soldier promo rounds. 

The two shared childhood stories in a modified version of The Newlywed Game!

Two Evans brothers in one sitting? We'll take it! Check out parts one and two below:

(H/T: The Backlot)


They both seem gay to me 

Ahhhh they are both hilarious and gorgeous. 

Scott is a cutie!

Scott and I went on a date once. This was before he had come out. 2008? It was really one of the worst dates I've ever been on. He was really into astrology at the time and I explained to him why it wasn't real and you know science and stuff. It pretty much resulted in a crash and burn from there on out. 

You are so full of it.

I love Scott <3

Sorry just commenting on what he is like in real life rather than his talk show identity.

Scott is just as hot as his brother! I'd marry him

What great brothers!  Then again, who wouldn't want either or both of them as brothers (besides Jason who commented on this thread already)?

I want to marry Scott Evans!

it's sad the gay one is annoying and the straight one is so much hotter

How is he annoying? It's sad that you're a douche. 

I beg to differ. They are both good looking.

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