Chris Meloni's Dog Wants A Bone (Photo)

Looks like Chris Meloni's dog had the right idea!!

Meloni posted the following photo on Facebook with the caption: "I will stare at your genitalia until u feed me.... #dogpsychology."

Turns out pups and humans have a lot in common. 

(H/T: Towleroad)




"I will stare at your genitalia until u feed me.... #thatsgaymalepsychologytoo"  

WOOF, Gurrrrl.  Give a dog a bone.  

He is the most magnificent man I have ever seen.  Perfect example of sex, masculinity, looks, etc.  How I envy his wife.  God graces some and shits on others!

Oh mi gah, this man holds a special place in my heart as i remember getting aroused as a youngin when watching his nude scenes in Oz.

Omgosh one man I would get on my knees n worship his beautiful bone

The living definition of masculine and sexy! Woof!!

he hurt me

He Can Fuck Me Anytime! WOOF!

OH my God!!! he's the man I want...

The second pic of him shirtless is a photoshop of his head on another body. No tat on the arm!  He's hot. No need to photoshop!

you are right no need for photoshop...he's a hunk!

His wife has got to be the coolest women on this planet!

the second pic doesn't even look like him

He doesn't have a hairy chest

Jeezus!!!! I'm about to have a moment!!! LOVE THIS STUD!

To the guys above that say Chris never has had a hairy chest. Wake up. He is naturally hairy, he shaves. Obviously you have not seen all of his work throughout the years. Even in the Oz series his chest had hair sometimes. 

Hairy or not, Meloni has always had hard, crooked abs -- it's not him.

That is one lucky dog

so dam hot


I remember when it was in OZ he did FULL FRONTAL it was a Prison Series.

Oh hell yes!! what a nice set of cheeks on the stud! :) 

Agreed with the very first comment.  Christopher Meloni has never had a hairy chest.

Too bad that 2nd pic is a fake... there's plenty real ones that are better!

The first one isn't real either. :(

You know this for a fact? Did YOU take the pic?

The first one is in fact a fake that was photoshopped with his head on another guys body!!! Learn your men and their bodies

Huh? The carpet one on top was taken by the same photographer as the last one.  Very real.

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