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Chris Pine, SNL Boys Show Love For 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

"Trinity really brought the fish. I think that's what they say, right? It's when the queen serves you tilapia with a face like this..."

"No, fish is the whole body. You got to serve the whole body."

Hold up. Wait a minute. I don't think, well, I know I haven't had an in depth conversation like that about the definition of fish. But on last night's Saturday Night Live, host Chris Pine along with most of the male cast members showed us that Ru Paul's Drag Race is most definitely enjoyed by all.

The skit takes place in an auto repair shop's break room.  Simple harmless banter about food and the like turns into a veiled discussion of the boys' guilty pleasure, watching Ru Paul's Drag race.  They say they just see their wives and girlfriends watching it and they just tag along or catch glimpses of it, but it soon becomes very clear that these masculine all male mechanics with overflowing testosterone are actually watching and enjoying the show. 

The love of RPDR soon comes to a head when the floor is cleared so a "lip sync for your life" battle can commence.


Bravo boys.  Fun was had by all.

What did you think of the skit?

Spot on?

And I just want to add, if you missed the show, you need to watch it because Chris Pine was serving dat ass all night long and we loved it.