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Chris Salvatore Launches Underwear Line, Models The Goods Himself

Openly gay actor (Eating Out 2) and musician Chris Salvatore can now add underwear designer and model to his growing resume. 

"The past few months have been such an exciting ride and I can officially announce that Chris Salvatore Underwear is now available!" Chris writes. "A lot of work went into creating this underwear line. It was important for me to hand pick everything from the fabric down to the stitching and even labels to create what I hope will be the most comfortable underwear you will ever wear!"

Check out a few images of Chris modeling his goods below, but head to for more and the full 411.



The Chris Salvatore underwear line has already been shut down because Christopher Drewa and Chris Salvatore have been busted for ripping off an existing brand named Pacco Sospetto.   The idiotic duo were busted for stealing the patterns and even using the same down town LA manufacturer in the pathetic attempt to rip off other's original ideas and concepts because they had no ideas of their own. Of course, this is no big surprise since Chris Salvatore worked at TMZ under a fake name, all in an attempt to promote his real life, wanna-be -"pop star," persona.  Harvey Levin CEO of TMZ,  exposed Chris Salvatore live, on TV for the fraud that he is.

The Pacco Sospetto brand which they copied, is in litigation suing Chris Salvatore and Chris Drewa for their attempts to steal and copy every aspect of an existing brand, right down to the materials and patterns from the same warehouse.  The Chris Salvatore underwear line has already been shut down. The website has been taken down.  All ads and promo videos no longer are viewable.

What idiots these clowns turned out to be. Pathetic, desperate and how very embarrassing for Chris Drewa and Chris Salvatore.  


Who is Chris Salvatore, and why does he seem to only have one pair of underwear?


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Leave it to Instinct "magazine" to do meaningless reporting.

For there is nothing special about this underwear line. I see nothing special about the the way they fit. And the design is something a child could do better with. So where's the newness in Chris Salvatore's underwear line that makes it newsworthy?

<crickets chirping>

And this is not me being a hater. It's just simple TRUTH. If you're going to make something, make it NEW for some other reason than your name being on it.

Love the hairy chest. He is really hot. and the underwear looks good too

Nah, not so much the underwear needs work.

A "musician" he definitely is not, but way to jump on the underwear bandwagon, Chris.

Thank you, Chris.

He's so gorgeous

Yeah and did you know he only offers 3 sizes Sm, Med,Lrg. but i guess you don't want to report on that. He so nicely has decided not to sell XL. i guess he only thinks skinny people wear underwear. I guess he doesn't want my MONEY!!!!!

Ummm...there's a reason for that. Anything above a one wants to see that in this type of underwear. Stop bitching for stupid shit. If you don't like it, buy your granny panties elsewhere. He is a good looking guy, and the underwear looks good. With all the underwear out there, originality is almost non existent. I like it.

Well you can write him suggesting that there's market for people your size or you can hit the gym, bitching about it here won't make any difference. You know what they say, if a queen bitches in the woods, will anyone care?

Welcome to how marketing works. It's obvious he has a clear grasp and the market for his line and is sizing for it.

Yeah right, such a grasp that the Chris Salvatore underwear line already went belly up because they failed so miserably .  Does anyone even know who Chris Salvatore is ?

Go on a diet porky if it means so much to you!

I wear a size 7 shoe and a lot of styles don't start until 8, who do I blame?

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