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Christian Blogger Apologizes For Same-Sex Marriage Opposition

Christian blogger, Benjamin L. Corey, who was a major opponent of same-sex marriage and who previously argued that giving gay couples the right to marry would destroy "the sanctity of marriage" is now apologizing and admitting that he was wrong.

Prior to my paradigm shift circa 2009, I was a major opponent of marriage equality. One of my go-to lines when asked why, was always the catch-all phrase “because it will hurt the sanctity of marriage”.

I was convinced that in some direct way, same sex marriage would harm mine. If, for no other reason, than Fox New said it, I believed it, and that settled it.

Seriously, I believed that– and said it often– even though I was previously divorced, and let’s admit: there’s no sanctity in divorce.

This year as I approach seven years of marriage and look back on all that we’ve experienced, I realized that we’ve spent our entire marriage living in states that have legally passed marriage equality. Same sex marriages have been happening around us the entire time, and it made me realize:

Your same sex marriage hasn’t affected the sanctity of mine.

Not even a little.

Check out Corey's full blog post. It's worth a read, if only to see that hearts and minds of the ignorant can, in fact, be changed.