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Christian Group Outraged That Judge Okays Gay Couple's Adoption Of Abused Catholic Kids

"Christian Concern," a religious activism organization based in the United Kingdom, cannot believe that a High Court has ruled in favor of a gay couple adopting two kids who were abused and neglected by their strict Catholic parents. 

The children, age two and four, were removed from their birth parents by the court after the father openly admitted to beating them regularly, and they were found by social workers to be left dirty and unkempt. The kids were adopted by a gay couple, prompting the birth parents, "proud" Slovaks and Catholics, to file suit to have the children removed from the adoptive parents. 

“Slovakia still does not recognize same sex couples and so their Slovak roots and values will not be maintained," argued the birth parents in court. “The children will not be able to be brought up in the Catholic faith because of the conflicts between Catholicism and homosexuality. If as expected our children will try to find us and their siblings and roots, then they will discover huge differences between our culture and the way they’ve been brought up. This is likely to cause them great upset and to suffer a conflict within themselves such as to set them against their adoptive parents.”

The court disagreed, ruling in favor of the adoptive gay parents. 

Family Court Judge James Munby wrote in his ruling:

There is nothing in all the material I have seen to suggest that the children’s placement with the prospective adopters was inappropriate or wrong, let alone irrational or unlawful. I have to judge matters according to the law of England, and by reference to the standards of reasonable men and women in contemporary English society.

The parents’ views, whether religious, cultural, secular or social, are entitled to respect but cannot be determinative. They have made their life in this country and cannot impose their own views either on the local authority or on the court.

Within minutes of the ruling's announcement, religious watchdog group "Christian Concern" released a statement bubbling over with outrage.

“We do not know all the details as to why adoption was deemed necessary but leaving that aside, this case raises profound concerns," said Christian Concern CEO Andrew Williams. "Why is it not possible to accommodate the beliefs of the natural parents and act in the best interests of the children? Why are these beliefs about marriage, which the government claims are protected, being trampled on? It is causing great present distress to the parents and as they have outlined is likely to cause great distress to the children in the future. Why not seek adoptive parents who share the beliefs of these parents?”

What do you think, Instincters? Do you think the abusive birth parents should have a say in the placement of the children they neglected and beat?

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Hell no the birth parents shouldn't get these children back. They are where they need to be with a loving couple. 

Oh, now the parents are concerned about their kids.  Fuck them and fuck religious freaks who have no business sticking their stuck-up noses in the situation anyway.

What do they mean by "same beliefs"? The court should find another family that will abuse and mistreat them? 

I am a adoptive father, and I am a gay catholic. My son's biological family are catholic as well. He was removed from his biological family because of neglectand and drug abuse. As an adoptive parent u have to respect where ur child comes from, and especially since he's native american I have observe his culture as much as possible. It is true that my child like these two children's biological parents have lost the right to make decisions about them. But I take into consideration his culture, my culture, and our culture as a family. It is true that I make his decisions and I choose how to raise him, and his family has no say in his life wheather he his being raised by me properly or not. Or that my lifestyle is appropriate, because the court found my life and me the best fit for raising him and removed him from the biological family. Honestly this is a heated subject for me, because I feel for the same sex apotice parents. And I worry about kids, they just need to be loved and cared for. That's the determining factor for me. Who will love them, and care for them? Bio-parents have already proven what their capable of, what kind of loce and care.

Well perhaps if the "natural" parents had done their job and were not only subjecting these 2 children to abuse but also neglect; perhaps they would have retained custody and would have been allowed to raise them Catholic. But since they didn't and the children were removed from their care permanently I think they gave up the right to have any say in how these children are raised.  It strikes me as odd that this is even a conversation that should even be taking place given the fact that the court removed their parental rights.

Lol leave it to an the ceo to worry about something trivial as always

Let them pound sand. They gave up their rights to say anything when they abused those children. 

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