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Christina Bianco Impersonates Our Fave Divas In Brilliant 'Let It Go' Cover

We fell in love with Christina Bianco's powerful pipes and impersonation skills last summer when the Broadway babe gave us her take on 19 different pop and Broadway performers!

Now she's giving us her own take on Frozen's "Let It Go" and her various diva voices are along for the ride!

Watch as she takes on Idina, Babs, Celine, Britney and more on "Let It Go"!


(H/T: HuffPo)


I luv it! Hahahaha! Where can i see more of christina bianco?

Absolutely stupid. Demeaning a beautiful song sung by a broadway legend (Idina Menzel). Just not funny at all. 

You should stay away from Forbidden Broadway then. 

@LRM, So judgmental you are. When my bf first shared the link, i thought the same thing. But did you actually listen to it? It didn't demean the song at all. Though Idina would be the actress you think of hearing this song, its not her song. And this lady, who was in the video, is a Broadway actress.  So next time your gonna put someone down, think and just stfu.

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