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Christopher Meloni Says Guys Hit On Him In Gym Showers Because Of His "Perfect Butt"

But he can't really blame them.

Sitting down with Conan on Tuesday night, Christopher Meloni revealed that "the best ass in Primetime" leads to a lot of awkward situations at his gym. 



PS--A big, fat ass like his doesn't necessarily mean "perfect ass" whatever that's supposed to be.

They show CM's ass as little as possible on that cop show he was in (if you notice it's always from the waist up or else his ass is covered with a jacket or coat); I think a comment about himself saying he has the "perfect ass" shows hubris, although I guess that's common among the actor and show biz crowd. Christopher Meloni needs to be spanked often, copiously and vigorously and I'm just the one to do it. After I was done with him those buns of his would be deflated to the size a man should have.

He is NOT Hung like a horse. .. where'd that come from. .. he was full frontal naked in Oz and on a couple of websites. .. average at best. ... The house of which you write must be My Little Pony. ... but he's still hot as! !!!

You're judging him by his flaccid size? Some people are growers so you never know unless he has shown his hardon somewhere.

The man is SEXY, let's give him that.

He is very much hung like a horse and have a sweet ass and cock.

OMG WHAT GYM DOES HE GOES TO? :-) i want to hit on him too :-) :-) 

I totally agree, Chas.  And straight guys think that EVERYONE who stares at the package is gay.

I saw him years ago at Golds Gym in NYC.  He didn't shower.

As stated why announce the obvious, he does have a great ass! However, I think he just likes gay men as people who are people, no mystery! I've seen him personally and he is just a nice Guy!!! I did not see him on True Blood, but he's kind of funny on "Surviving Jack"!!!!! Just shows how talented he really is! I guess like the rest of us, he should worry about when they quit looking. Ha Ha!!

oZ wasn't it guys , loved it what was the name of the big black guy in it that was going around rapeing all the new guys , big scarey guy he was I've had night mares about him , hehehe can ya get it on box set guys 

It is a good thing to show your ass----ets.

You nasty size queens are a disgrace to our community. Hung is for women only! Unless you have a gaping hole hanging down to your slut knees!

Ahahahahahahaha Im not sure I agree, but I love how sassy this comment is

You have issues, that's all I got to say ...

You are an idiot

Sounds like someone has been living in shame of their tiny penis

I so agree

I don't think his ass is all that. I've seen it. Ok but not great. I think it's more about the man attached to it 

Um from what i saw on oz.. Not hung. Ass is all hes offering.

Are you sure it isn't because he is hung like a horse?

He does have a tremendous ass. What is wrong with stating the obvious. 

First time I ever saw him was in a gay porn mag (Men-I believe). He had a complete spread. AMAZING! Then there was his great show, OZ. Have loved seeing him for years. Really upset he left SVU only to be on True Blood (barely).

He's got a new show and wants his gay fans to follow him to watch that watched him on SVU 

I've been in love with him since OZ!

I think he was just being funny.  He hosted an event a few years ago where I sang with the NYC Gay Men's Chorus - he actually introduced us as the request of Ian McKellen.  Couldn't have been any nicer and supportive of our group.

I happen to like the dude, but c'mon, he seems like the type up think that a view or a compliment is being hit on.

He's so funny. And at least he's not a hater. I'm sure that he must feel good knowing that both women and men lust after him. Boosts that ego. I've always liked him.

Nothing like a straight guide to remind us that they think they're the center of the universe and guess what's at th center? A black hole

Come on.  If I saw Christopher Meloni in the gym, I'd stare too.  Doesn't mean I'm hitting on him.  Straight guys.  Sheesh.  

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