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Christopher Rice Posts Sexy Nearly-Naked Shirtless Selfie After Losing Award

Accomplished gay horror author Christopher Rice (son of Anne) has made good on his word. If he didn't win the Bram Stoker Award for his best-seller The Heavens rice, then he had planned to award his fans. 

"If I don’t win the Bram Stoker Award tonight expect mad shirtless selfie action in a desperate clawing bid for validation,” Chris promised on Facebook. 

Come May 10, after Chris was robbed and lost out on this year's award, he posted a nearly naked selfie to make sure his fans were winners of the whole situation. Thanks, Chris!

(Via Facebook)



so hot he could do porn

Thanks Chris!!!

Stud! I want to lick him all over. Sorry you lost but, thanks for the porn pal.

Okay now Instinct - I'm 100% certain his book wasn't called "The Heavens rice" lmfao - you might want to fix that.

He looks a LOT like Jamie Lee Curtis, had she gone M instead of F . . . 

Wow, what a handsome man! And a sweet dear person, I have heard. Keep up the good work my friend!

Gorgeous Christopher Rice :)!!♡

I think that he is very handsome and I am not sure why the post but why not? If i had those abs i would post too. Those days are gone. Enjoy your body while you look so good.

Too bad about that face.

oh god he is so beautiful thank you anne rice! THank you for your beautiful son. I wish i can see him alot more

That book was crap. I`m not surprised he didn`t win...

Yeah suuuuure, you certainly did so much better :/

I'm not a writer, so there's that. I thought the book was extremely unoriginal and silly. I'm also over reading about Chris Rice's obsession with straight men. It's sad. I didn't know I had to win a Bram Stroker award to critique a book.

Haters Gonna hate.

put your shirt on you UGLY fuck!

you're a douche bag Kevdobbins35205  

Really?  Pony up, brother...  Lets's see what you got.  Put up or shut up!

I'm sure you look tons better.  #eyeroll #douche

<high five>

He's a beautiful man.   If he doesn't already have a tasteful nude portrait done, he should.   You don't have a body like that forever.

Egotistical, self-absorbed, more of the same of what is problematic in our society. #tacky

for whatever reason we like to see it having a community that values a healthy looking body is better than having one that values having everyone run around looking like Henry VIII in his later years.  Perhaps it is all about Ego but whatever gets you there at the end of the day, Healthy Body is Healthy Body and Unhealthy is well probably you.  Sure I'd like to peer into Christopher's brain and see all that intelligence and substance he has but that wouldn't't show up on a picture very well now would it? 

He's hot as F%^$.  Not my type but WHY NOT?? Celebrities with LESS talent and less looks, do it ALL the time.  He's gay. We all go throught this. He will have some nice pics to look back at when he's older.

I think he is hot

Here's what I object to: the objectification and one-dimensional portrayal, as if his entire worth amounts to a sexy body.  Christopher Rice posts lots of stuff.  He's a writer - and, dare I say - an intellectual.  To truly appreciate him, (or any person), you need to step back and look at the entire HUMAN BEING.  This picture is only part of the entire package.  

Personally I see this as a beautiful commentary on what is happening in social media at present. So many celebrated artists (arguably in many cases, I admit) are turning to shock value sexual appeal to gain further public attention/approval. 2 examples:

James Franco, a jack of all trades artistically speaking, is using sexual shock in social media via surprising selfies (Read: Holy Jizzy Cowel Batman!) and surprising art pieces shared socially (Read: did anyone ask for Seth Rogan painted like a french girl, Jack?). 

Miley Cyrus went from a fanatically successful Disney Pop Star (Read: Dear Disney, no teenager actually behaves as innocently as you portray) to a sex crazed-appearing wild child (Read: 0 to Sexty in 6 seconds).

This need for shock based, and sexually driven, acceptance is starting to shred our view of celebrity in general. The fact that an admittedly sexy author is flat out stating it and following through - Itip my hat to Mr. Rice. Sir, you've made your point to me. 

I agree with you, and I should have been more specific.  It wasn't Christopher Rice's portrayal I was objecting to; it was Instinct's - something that's all too habitual for them.  

A face only a mother could love smh

Didn't know I was SUCH a mother!


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