Ciara Gets Served Papers During L.A. Pride Performance

Well, it wouldn't be Pride without a side dish of drama, and that's exactly what was served (pardon us) at the L.A. Pride festival over the weekend. 

Ciara, one of this year's Pride headliners, was served lawsuit papers right smack dab in the middle of her set while she was on stage.

Turns out, popular West Hollywood nightclub the Factory had booked Ciara for a Pride-weekend performance, which reps for the singer claim they canceled weeks in advance due to her new gig at the festival. Factory continued to promote Ciara's appearance because, promoters say, Ciara never canceled her performance. Though reps for the Factory obviously believe Ciara is a flake, they somehow knew she'd keep her Pride festival performance on the calendar and headed to the front of the stage to serve her (not in the dance industry way). Ciara skimmed and tossed the papers back without skipping a beat!