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Clay Aiken Officially Announces Run For Congress

Following rumors earlier this monthAmerican Idol runner-up Clay Aiken has officially thrown his hat into the political ring! The singer announced his intent to run in the Democratic primary to take over North Carolina's 2nd District Congressional seat from current Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers. (Ellmers previously delivered shade towards Aiken's potential run.)

Check out Clay's announcement:

Good luck, Clay! 

What do you think of his odds, Instincters??


(H/T: Towleroad)


GO CLAY!!!!! Rock it OUT!!!!

Compelling story, don't know enough about North Carolina politics to know how a Democrat who is a former American Idol champ and happens to be gay would fare, but my guess is it would be an uphill battle. He did strike me as sincere. 

I wish I lived in North Carolina, great to have someone running who puts the people of his state first especially the Military over his own desires. I also respect a candidate who does not always vote the party line, but instead what his needed by his district, state, nation. I have always respected Clay and enjoyed his music, have been to four of his concerts and the American Idol tour concert. I am very excited to see Clay running, just wish I didn't live in Michigan right now. GO GET THEM CLAY WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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