Cliff Jensen Talks 'Sexuality' On Social Media

Gay Porn Star Cliff Jensen spoke on the subject of his sexuality in a recent social media post.

 I don’t go by this whole gay, straight, bi, whatever. Shit just ain’t that simple right?

Cliff says:

Check this out. Hypothetically, pay no attention to the god damn hand bar holes. So check it out. Hypothetically and you and me are both straight. Alright? You love fat bitches. You love the shit out of some fat bitches. Me on the other hand, I hate fat bitches. Hypothetically, hate them. I love feet. Love the shit out of feet. I mean… just give me a mother fucking foot. You hate feet. We’re both straight but you can’t do nothing without a fat bitch and I can’t do nothing without feet. You and me don’t vibe at all. You and I aren’t at all on the same wave length. We cannot hang out together. I can’t invite you to come and flip my wife with me. Because she has some big ass mother-fucking feet and she is skinny as a bitch. And you just don’t like that shit.


Thoughts regarding Cliff's rant?

H/T: Unicorn Booty




My opinion is that Cliff needs to learn to spell "labels."

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