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CNN's Chris Cuomo Shuts Down Homophobe Bill Donohue's "The Bible Trumps Civil Rights" Arguments

Another day, another CNN personality swiftly takes down a member of the homophobic lobby. 

This time around it's Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue who's fumbling around for a rational reason to hate and discriminate against gay people. Like the anti-gay Arizona state senator Anderson Cooper dominated earlier this week, Donohue ultimately can't make any sense of why, exactly, he should be able to treat an American minority like second class citizens.

(Via Media Matters)


Why is the GLBTI community seeking the approval of religious people? Religion is nothing more than a belief system and I would have say a very poor belief system when one looks at religious history. Religion has no right to claim high ground here, their past speaks for itself. Really until religion follows or complies with the 600  + sins/rules of the bible they have no credibility. 

This Bill made such an ass of himself. He says yes. He says no. He says yes. And then no again. He looks like a virgin deciding whether she/he wants to loose her/his virginity. What a fool.
And what about that men and women making a perfect fit? If that's the matter then why does my dick fits so perfectly in my boyfriends ass? Not to be graphic, but just saying ... 

I am sure it is embarrassing to real Christians that this douche is pretending to be the spokesperson for all the Catholics.

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