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Coca-Cola's Wants You To "Share A Coke" On Social Media (But Not If You're Gay)

Coca-Cola's reputation in the LGBT community ahead of its big (and relatively hush-hush) Sochi Olympics sponsorship continues to deteriorate. The latest low point in a string of publicity nightmares involves Coke South Africa's social media/Internet viral hope, a "Share A Coke" personalized generator. On Saturday, Johnn Aravosis at AmericaBlog discovered that the name generator software censored pro-gay words like "gay, " "bisexual," "lesbian" and "queer," yet did not filter related terms like "faggot," "straight" or "hetero."

When users attempt to enter the pro-gay terms, the marketing gimmick instead greets them with an awkward error message that reads "Oops, let's pretend you didn't just try that."

Because of the gay gaffe, the LGBT community began spreading a very different "Share A Coke" meme on social networks than the mega corporation had intended:

Though the story's been making the rounds for the past 48 hours, the generator is still censoring pro-gay related terms. No comment from Coca-Cola yet on the issue.



how do you personalise your name on coke share can please someone send me a link.

Taylah- i don't believe in looking for stuff that just isn't there either. You have to admit u type pro-gay statements u get "ooops, lets pretend u didn't just try that". U realize someone had to actually input that response right? What would u call that if not actively censoring positive labels... Put faggot, n no problem. Even though i don't look for things obviously not present.. I.e. one or both hemispheres of your brain. There is no denying they are going out of there way to promote the "moral standard" currently prevalent in that region. Basically, 'when in Rome: for financial gain'. If yur demographic, ignorant is non-congruantly associated with age or social class, was thrown 'under the proverbial bus' with such transparent disregard for 'your' groups' ability to disrupt there loyal customer base, you'd holler too. Assuming by then your mental aptitude for basic reading comprehension may have turned for the better, sharply and dramatically of course.. =)

Wow, really? They are not spreading hate, this is a ridiculous accusation. Coca-Cola are not advertising words like 'faggot' and other hate words, it's these over sensitive social media accounts that are bringing it up in the first place. Stop looking for something to complain about. 


Coke is no good for you anyways. They should not be spreading hate, but why consume their carcinogenic products that also cause diabetes and heart disease.

Best answer!!

Good, now I can tell my friends and family why soda kills you, along with that greasy chick fill a sandwich they buy. 

People don't listen. Once a consumer, always a consumer...addicted for life.

Fukin scumbags who came up wit DAT fyi its d 21st century, change is gona happen, liv wit it r fukin keep yr rude inconsiderate comments 2 urself, bye.

You're being just a bit hypocritical, don't you think? 

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