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Colby And Brandon Strip Down To Support Global Olympic Pride Houses

We like the outfits (as well as lack of outfits) Andrew Christian regulars Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown model in this new video promoting global Pride Houses far better than the loud glaucoma-causing official Team USA uniforms unveiled by Ralph Lauren. We also like the devastating duo's pitch for global Pride Houses supporting gay athletes far better than anything Sochi and the IOC came up with for the Winter Games (which begin later this week). 

If you're not too distracted, learn how you can support international LGBT Olympians in a city near you in this sexy, slightly NSFW video:




How, exactly would money help LGBT Russians? Sadly, well funded campaigns and articulate voices do only have sway in Russia though the Black Market and all kinds of forms of corruption do.

A really thoughtful thing to do for athletes attending the games, in a funny, sexy, and simple way.

They should just compete and take their clothes off...and not speak.

Very cool.

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