Colby Keller On Trump: 'I Don’t Support Him, But I Did Vote For Him'

Earlier this year, gay porn star Colby Keller appeared to double down on his support of Donald Trump

In an interview with Mel magazine, he said:

“The Democratic Party’s diabolical politics don’t serve the interests of the American people and that’s why [Trump voters] acted out. It’s going to take someone like Donald Trump to get people to overthrow the system.”

But in a new video with YouTuber Chris Baker, Keller seems to be taking (some) steps to clarify his prior statements:

Keller: “I’m not liberal at all, I’m very far to the left.

"The problem is that the liberals aren’t to the left. People think that they are. That’s the problem."

Keller added: “I’m a communist.”

Baker: “So that explains…I guess people were confused maybe that you supported Trump or what he said or whatever the Republicans did to latch on to him.”

Keller: “I think the problem is that I don’t support Trump.

"I did vote for Trump. That’s the distinction.”


Last year, amid the election, Keller told Office Magazine:

"I’m going to vote for Trump! I think he’s a destabilizing force. I’m skeptical of him, too, and who exactly is behind Trump. But given that there’s eternal dissent in the Republican Party, that leads me to believe that whatever he represents might be a destabilizing force. And he’s made a lot of overtures to Russia and China, which in some ways could be thought of as an encouraging thing.

"I don’t support or endorse any of Trump’s policies. I just think it’ll escalate the problem, which is the best we can hope for. I hope at the very least he’d turn the White House into a reality show. America would tune in, right? And then he could do something nice, like give the money to the National Park Service, because they’re trying to defund it."

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I understand what he's saying but a vote for Trump is absolutely an endorsement of him and everything that he stands for.   You get one vote, one opportunity to shape this country and he chose a moron. He's part of the problem

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