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Coldplay's Chris Martin Was Straight Until He Met One Direction's Harry Styles

Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin's "conscious uncoupling" from Gwyneth Paltrow has become more exciting than we expected. In an interview with the BBC over the weekend, Chris let his inner squeeeee! out while gushing about One Direction's Harry Styles. 

“I’m saying One Direction are brilliant and I’m not kidding,” Chris said. “You know why? Because their songs are really good and I don’t think that any of them are going to go solo.”

"Harry has come to a couple of our shows,” he continued. “I think I probably said the same thing about chemistry. I can’t remember—I was too enamored with his haircut. I was like this: ‘I was pretty sure I was a straight guy before’… I was having a hot flush.”

The feeling's mutual. Back in 2012, Chris also perked up when he learned during an interview that Harry considers him a role model. 




I think, they ""all"" got a little sugar in them!! just saying.....

Chris Matin's too brilliant to have ever been straight!

The posts for Instinct are getting stupider and juvenile. Just saying.

that's because there are a lot of people who are stupid and juvenile.

There is no straight and gay. Human sexuality varies too much to categorize it. Why can't we just be neutral about sexuality. Then it wouldn't be such a big fucking shock who you love. It wouldn't be like, OMG he was dating a girl yesterday and NOW HES GAY OMG OMG. You could like women all your life, and comes along that one perfect man that makes you want him. Is it really fair to have to be titled straight gay or bi to have your sexuality and humanity summed up and categorized by one word or relationship?

I like where your head is at!!! ;-)

You are an idiot.


No one is 99.9% completely anything. It only takes on person to turn your world upside down.

The beauty is nothave sex. He have glamour

He buys gay erotic art n prefers taking his "gf" to gay bars, you do the math

Umm.  The boys from one direction are straight?

Statistically, you'd figure there's at least an odd man out somewhere in there...

Lol I don't think they all are. 

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