Cole Sprouse Caught Shirtless With Rumored Girlfriend In Hawaii!

If I was a pap, then you better believe I'd be stationed in Hawaii, because obviously at this time of year it's a step up from the ice floe called Chicago on which I currently reside, and because it seems to be where the hottest starlets in Hollywood go to strip down by the beach! The truly gorgeous twinktastic actor Cole Sprouse has found his deserved time in the spotlight thanks to his role on the hit CW series Riverdale, which happens to feature some of the most stunning boys in the biz. Oh, maybe I need to do a Who'd You Rather with Sprouse and K.J. Apa. Or just... work my way into the middle of that sandwich. I'll be the peanut butter. Cole can bring the jelly. Wait, where the hell was I.

Oh yeah, Jughead, AKA Sprouse, and Betty, AKA my man stealer, were caught showing some PDA by the beach in Hawaii. Headlines are lapping up this unofficial confirmation of their romantic relationship together, but I'm more interested in the peeks at Cole's hot toned body and happy trail for days! These particular pap pics are platinum diamond opal preferred plus, so you'll need to hit the link below to check out the cuteness. Do you want Cole in your stocking? About a month too late for that joke. Anyway, enjoy!

See Cole Sprouse shirtless in Hawaii here