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College Baseball Player Matt Kaplon Comes Out As Gay

The sports world has had a rainbow banner year so far in 2014. The groundbreaking smashing of closet doors and other historic barriers continued over the weekend when Matt Kaplon, a starting catcher for Drew University's Rangers, came out as gay to his teammates. Kaplon confided in head coach Brian Herschberg last week before his big announcement on Sunday.

"He's as close to a family member as anyone I've ever coached," Hirschberg told Outsports. "He's like a younger brother to me. When Matt shared his story with me, I respected him more, if that's even possible."

As for the big revelation, apparently the entire team welcomed the news with open arms. 

"He's the same exact Matt as he's ever been," teammate Anthony Feltre said. "It's one of the best things he's ever done because it's made us closer friends. It doesn't change a thing. If anything, since he told me this really personal thing we've started hanging out more and talking about more serious things."

"Everyone tells me that college is supposed to be the best four years of my life," Kaplon said in his interview with OutSports." I've had a great time, but for three and a half of them, I've been hiding things and not being the real me. Building friendships and meeting people and with my teammates, they know part of me but I finally feel like I want them to know everything. I want to be me 100% and make sure they know I'm not hiding anything. I'm ready for that. I'm ready to start not having to hide."

Coach Hirschberg goes on to sum up the importance of athletes to come out as gay (despite one lobbyists silly attempt to keep players closeted). 

"When you don't know there is a gay person around, you use faggot and gay because you're not putting a face to that word," Hirschberg added. "Everybody on our team is now going to have a heightened awareness in a very positive way. The 37 other teammates and three other coaches we have will now have to become a little bit better and caring in their choice of words.They'll have to become better people because now they know they may hurt somebody they care about."

Congratulations, Matt & the Drew University Rangers!

(Source: OutSports)



Way to go, man!  As a softball catcher myself this hits even closer to home for me.

I am gay and have been out since I was 21 most of my family disowned me when I came out but I said fuck them I didn't need them in my life 

Started crying.
I am gay and disabled. and neither my family , gay people and others truly accept me.

Hold on to your self esteem man. I'm disabled too. There are real people whowill accept you. Don't give up. Put yourself out there.

I'm so sorry that people can't see all the good in you and that they choose to be so ignorant. Remember that you are valuable and you do contribute to society in ways other people can't. I hope you find that special someone who will treat you with the respect you deserve and will give the love and acceptance you need. Take care and, again, remember that you are valuable!

So Proud Of You!! Your Coach is Awesome!!!

PRoud fo matt and proud of his cool team!!   

Thumbs up

Thank you for being you. Good luck young man, hope to see you in the majors.

Awesome job, Matt and the Drew University Rangers!!!  So very proud of all of you!!

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