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College Party Collapses Into Neighbor’s Downstairs Apartment!

College Party Collapses Into Neighbor’s Downstairs Apartment!

Aren’t You Normally Suppose To Raise The Roof?

Once you finish this next story, you may be thrilled that your college party days are over. Long as the days when I would anticipate a party for weeks ahead of time. Being flamboyantly gay, there was a lot of pondering what outfit to wear, which day to spray tan so I would look fresh and natural, and secretly scrolling through the Facebook Event invite to see who I was going to mack on for the entire night. College parties in my hometown of Chicago are now a wild blur in my mind. Don’t judge me, my Freshman year I witnessed the rise and fall of the ridiculous, black-out-in-a-can, Four-Loko, drink - which allegedly killed someone.

Since my college days, I frequent board game nights, cocktail parties, and you know – a bar if I feel like it. The house parties I’ve most recently attended have been a blast, but nothing wild as I’ve seen in the past. I mean, heck, we’re all adults now and no one wants to have an excruciating hangover, clean up a gigantic mess, and get ready for a long work week come Monday. It’s no surprise that college-aged, young adults are still throwing insane parties because they may not have the experience of the consequences.

Until now!

According to The Washington Post, an apartment floor collapsed into the apartment below during a raging University of Texas Homecoming party over the weekend. Abiola Busari, a Junior at the college, through a party featuring a DJ and over a hundred guests, much to his downstairs neighbor’s chagrin. The neighbor, sophomore Carley Carroll, claims that she’s complained to police and the building about the insane parties Busari would constantly throw. Luckily for Carroll, she had left her apartment that night because the noise was excessive and her ceiling was shaking. Ironically, she was heading to the police department to file a report about the reckless party:

“[The ceiling collapsing is] one of those things you don’t think is actually going to happen. Every weekend [Busari throws] a different party.”

Busari, the party thrower, was suspicious there were too many party guests on Saturday night:

“I could feel the floor starting to shake. I yelled like, yo, people need to leave.”

As in 2017, if it wasn’t recorded, it didn’t happen. Since everyone lives their lives on social media, we have the receipts to prove the incident. It’s likely suspect that the floor gave out from over a hundred people jumping on it while dancing to “What” by Playboi Carti.

Homebody Carroll’s apartment and belongings have been destroyed. Which is awful for a girl who didn’t want to live with a constant party above her head every weekend.

But, don’t fear: Busari is requesting that you give him $10K for the damages his party caused…to his own apartment, via GoFundMe. This is another sham asking for money. Take responsibility, Busari! His plea for money has only gotten him barely over $600.

Shockingly, no one was reported injured besides a few minor cuts and bruises.

Thank heavens my days of attending parties like this are over. I will gladly take cocktails with huevas de vours ending before midnight than having my floor crash…

There are plenty of videos surrounding the event. One includes a young woman who looks as if she’s trying to get out of the way, but is seemingly grabbed by someone falling into the hole in the floor. Check the videos out below: