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College Student Breaks Down The 'Gay BFF' Stereotype

20-year-old Chapman University student Mark Pampanin delivered a speech at a recent TED conference explaining "What's Wrong With The Commodification of Gay Men?"

Watch has he breaks down the "gay BFF" stereotype!

He tells BuzzFeed, “It became so easy to use my homosexuality as a wall to get people to instantly like a two-dimensional version of me that I found it hard to even be real with people.”

Do you agree with Mark's argument, Instincters? Are gay men being commodified?






Absolutely brilliant.  This has been and is an ongoing phenomenon that perhaps may be ignored for the benefit, specifically regarding increased tolerance. Nonetheless, his speech was spot on and worthy of a rallying cry.  If we are to be viewed as who we are; it is vitally important that we be looked at as people and not accessories; even by our allies.  Strangely enough, though, there are some that "love" gay men that do not support causes or rights important to us.  

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