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College Student Charged After Blackmailing Male Student Into Sex

19-year-old Ohio University student Dorian Graham (pictured) is facing charges after allegedly "catfish-ing" a male student into sending him nude images (via Snapchat) and videos and then blackmailing the student into performing sexual acts in order to keep the images from being published publicly on Instagram.

WOUB News breaks down what happened: 

The crime was allegedly committed in September. On Sept. 20, Graham texted the victim using a female name and began a “texting relationship,” the bill of particulars stated.

The relationship included Graham, as the woman, convincing the victim to send him “a nude picture(s) and/or video(s) of himself to ‘her,’” court documents stated.

In the early morning hours of Sept. 23, Graham contacted the victim, asking him to look at a website, where the images the victim had sent were displayed.

The victim begged Graham to “take ‘it’ down” and said the images “could really (expletive) my whole life up,” the prosecution states in the bill of particulars.

That same day, in Adams Hall, Graham “did engage in sexual conduct” with the victim, according to the bill of particulars.

“Victim complied with (Graham’s) demand against his will,” the bill states. “(Graham) required Victim to engage in the sexual activity and to video record the activity and send it to him.”

During the process, Graham allegedly told the victim that he, too, was the victim of an alleged extortion and being demanded to engage in the sexual activity.

Later on Sept. 23, Graham contacted the victim demanding more from him.

“You can do it again, the right way during the day so it’s not so dark and sketchy and stuff,” Graham allegedly told the victim. “And if you do it the way we asked then we will both delete what we have.”

On Oct. 2, the victim was threatened with blackmail and more text exchanges resulted in Graham allegedly saying the images would appear on Instagram and Facebook.

The victim declined to comply with the demands and told Graham he would contact law enforcement if the pictures went up online. The images went up, and the victim contacted authorities.

Quite the tangled web. 

Graham has been charged with extortion and sexual battery. His jury trial is scheduled to begin on Feb. 25. He's currently out on bail and has pleaded innocent to the charges. 

What do you make of this twisted tale, Instincters?


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He'll get a lot of het action now.

So the "straight" victim did it twice with him huh?

I had a feeling that this is just another case of love goes wrong. 

SMH!!!!  For the life of me I will NEVER understand CATFISHING or why people feel the need to do it or the audacity to think they will get away with pretending to be someone they are not!  It's really more sad and quite tragic when you have to blackmail someone into having sex with you!!!!

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This rectum with teeth, Doran Graham's tawdry and viciously queenie actions give same-gender peeps a bad name...

shouldn't have sent the pics in the first place and in the second all you had to do was say NO they are both equally at fault and 10 to 1 they both enjoyed their little romp or he would not have consented to meet him in the first place.


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