Colton Haynes Raises Us Up w/ Josh Groban Song Cover

Colton Haynes gifted fans with his cover of Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up," which he posted on YouTube on Wednesday!

Check out how Colton's pipes stack up against Josh's!



(H/T: NNNext)


Not even close to Josh Groban! 

I think he's as good as Groban.

Seriously, aesthetically pleasing - and with reasonable pitch. Ridiculous! Honestly, what a charmer :-)

Why does anybody seem to think that this was a contest between the cover and the original? I really don't think it is, you simply can like it, as I did, or not. And that's it. Moreover the guy is overly handsome and that's a fact, as for many others. 

it does nothing for me, Josh has so much passion behind him and this is a a version anyone with autotune could throw down. boring

I like how a lot of guys don't know who he is. LoL!

i like it, so he does not have the power of the josh version, I for one do not care,  He could sing "my bologna has a 1st name" and I would not only listen but download it.   So many people discounts looks with 'is that all", he has looks and can do more than act.  A well rounded man is LOVED by haters can hate.........get over yourself

ooh another glorified white male? How new a revolutionary!

Yes, another one. Get over it.

I believe that his fantastic looks cloud the judgment for some...  his voice is not as full, nor the notes as well supported...  there seems to be a lack of emotion... a far better job than I will ever do, but it's like comparing Alanis Morrisette against Celine Dion...  there simply isn't any.

So much better than josh groban. He sings in the center of the pitch!

He doesnt have the passion behind the vocals. When Josh sings this song you can feel every note. He has a good voice but need more power behind it. power doesnt always mean loud but strong.

He actually has some newer stuff that's a tad better.  A good vocal coach and auto tune, works wonders, if he really wants to sing he can afford it. But, I see him as a leading man or comedic actor He's got a million and one faces and not full of himself.  Truly wears his heart on his sleeve comes off very genuine .I have Tumblr Blog  "Colton Haynes My Obsession" on him for over 2 years now and he's growing up rather nicely just turned 26 a few days back. . 

Amazing. I would download his songs. If God balances our assets, he must be unintelligent with a little penis. How can you be this handsome with that voice.

Eh. He has a decent natural instrument, but could really use a good vocal coach to help him open up and find and work within his range.

Best comment.   A vocal coach would help this one a lot.   He does seem to have some natural talent that would let him go far with training.

Hate to reiterate but no Groban. He does have an excellent voice and I would love to hear him in concert

You are so beautiful!

No josh Groban...but wow. Not only is he amazing to look at...but his voice is awesome. Way to go Colton.

Good, but no Josh Groban.

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