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Colton Haynes Shares Shirtless Selfie From Down Under

Former Teen Wolf and current Arrow stud Colton Haynes has been smizing his way across Australia the past several days. Instead of bringing us back a  djurido or pet Koala, Colton's giving us a different souvenir from Down Under: Instagram gold, including a backward-navel-gazing shirtless beach selfie. We'll take it!

Colton was also showing off some tank-top side-pec while cuddling with a koala earlier in his trip to Oz. Lucky koala. 


He is cute and funny !! Love his pictures on instagram !!

Is he gay?I just confuse when I saw his old pic.

"Djurido". Really?
Try didgeridoo.

No clue who he is but I really need to make warm, sweet love up inside him!

I would so many dirty things to him! So many!

I want a pet Koala, and a Colton Haynes.....

Wow, a nipple, and his nose hair. 

He's a cutie.

He is so cute and hot, love seeing on Arrow every week. 

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