Combating Casual Racism: "He Said, 'Sorry, Buddy, But I’m Not Into Asians.'"

JC Brown is featured in this recent I'm From Driftwood video and he shares his various experiences dealing with racism in the gay community. Whether it's on dating/hook-up apps or simply acting with our gay brethren on the way to Fire Island, casual racism and discrimination are issues gay people of color regularly face. 

Brown, who grew up in the Phillipines and moved to New York at 21 in 2005, shares one online experience:

"I was talking to this guy and we were talking probably like a good hour.

"We traded pictures but usually we trade not face-first, you trade your body pictures. And then, I mean I looked light-skinned in that picture for some reason and so he just assumed I was kind of white. And then I said I was Asian.

"He said, 'Oh. Sorry buddy. You know, you seem to be a cool guy, but I’m not into Asians.'"

Watch JC's video to see what other experiences he shares as well as how he's taken a stand when faced with racism in our community.


Have you experienced racism in the gay community? Stood silent or contributed to it? 


(H/T: GSN)



So sad that some cannot see past race and look for the inner qualities each other. 

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