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Comedy Central's James Franco Roast: Here Come The Gay Jokes!

Comedy Central's roast of actor James Franco airs on September 2--and get ready for lots of gay jokes, Instincters!

26 to be exact, if BuzzFeed writer Ariane Lange's count is accurate.

Apparently, Franco being gay is the one recurring joke that comedians feel comfortable going back to.

Seth Rogen unleashed a few gems in Franco's direction, saying: "He’s a tough guy to pin down, although I’ve heard many guys have been able to do it.”

Rogen continued, “Every man wants to be him, and he wants to be in every man.” 

Andy Samberg also joined the party: “James Franco has force-fed me so much dick, you could make foie gras out of my liver.”

Nick Kroll launched this one: “I could see him being gay for a year as an art installation.”

James Franco even joked at his own expense, saying: “You guys wouldn’t know spunk if it hit you in the face. I know because I’ve had my spunk all over your faces.”

Don't worry guys, there are more!!

It sounds like Aziz Ansari was the only comedian that got how ridiculous it is, saying (according to Lange): “So many gay jokes tonight, wow,” and then made fun of gay jokes.

What do you think, Instincters? Is this kind of comedy stale in 2013?

Looking forward to Sept. 2?


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as a gay man I think its good that  the comics can tell the gay jokes without bad intention.

I think gay jokes and other hot topic jokes are good  and funny if dont with the right intent.

We need to learn to laugh at our own expenses, but when the jokes are  meant to degrade and defame that's another story altogether.  Just keep in mind that we should lighten up a bit society is way to tense these days have a laugh go ahead try it .... laugh at yourself it is ok  laugh at others its not gonna kill them... but when you laugh ...laugh with joy not contempt.   

And of course the subtext to the entire thing is that James has PLAYED gay in so MANY films, it is almost redundant at this point.  Some of the jokes are funny (IMHO), some are less so, but the point to the entire thing is that his resume includes almost more gay characters than straight ones.  C'mon folks, lighten up a little!

well said

The real problem is none of the jokes are actually funny.

People. It's a Comedy Roast. These have been going on for over a century. Everything is fair game, for crying out loud! You should have seen the Roseanne roast last year and they skewered Jane Lynch. Jane loved it!!! And the money raised for the dinners/attendees usually goes to that roastee's favorite charity. Lighten up.

OH GOOD GOD GET A GRIP PEOPLE !!!!!!! these jokes are no worse than anything else. Like a good friend of mine Divine Grace said "Perhaps Instinct Magazine should pay less attention to gay jokes at a Comedy Central Roast, and more attention to the ridiculous standards that their mostly-naked cover models imply gay men should be held to?" Thats more of an insult to a majority of gay men than some comedian making gay jokes about someone like James franco who most gay me wish was actually gay.

Well said! ;)

Right or wrong, I reserve judgement until I see it for myserlf but, what I will say is if you have watched any roast from the past Comedy Central Roasts, "the gay joke" is a running theme when roasting the straight man.  I think it is degrading in general to gay people and an easy joke to make that does not take much talent to produce, many of the reported jokes sound similar to ones from past Roasts, I guess you could say all Comedy Central Roast look the same, is that racist of me to say.

I'm not offended by gay jokes, I'm offended by BAD gay jokes!

Frankly, or Franco - ly, I think that jokes are jokes & all these guys make their living being "funny".  I also think that there are some things about being gay that are funny, but I read the jokes that were made & many of them weren't funny to me.

Why is it so funny to imply that a straight guy is gay?  I honestly don't think that being gay is that ridiculous.  I'm surprised that the general theme of the comments above is that "it's not so bad" to be mocked & ridiculed for being gay.  Are we so oppressed that we're happy to just take it?  It's not hurting anyone, right?  I disagree.

This particular group of actors & comedians appeal to a certain demographic, comprising of young, straight men/boys.  When they speak disrespectfully about us, it grants permission to their audience to adopt the same stance.  It makes it ok to make gay jokes & "insult" each other by calling each other the worst thing that a straight guy could be.  Gay.

Younger gay men/teens see this behavior & it can do serious harm.

We deserve better.  We ain't that funny.

Granted this is a roast & the point is to belittle & insult the recipient, all in good fun, but why at our expense?  Clearly there are other ways to make fun of James Franco.

I don't think that any of these guys meant to insult us as a community, but clearly the culture says that it's acceptable & expected & funny to insult & mock someone for being gay, or having homosexual tendencies.  Is it really that funny?

In closing, can I just say that if James Franco was gay, I would climb that like a tree.  Just sayin'.


Feel better now? Here's a tissue.

I don't think it's stale in all depends on the actual jokes, the context and the wit behind it.  Also, you have to bare in mind that not all gay jokes are coming from a place of disrespect and bigotry with the intention of insult.  The names mentioned (Rogen, Samberg, Ansari) are men who have much respect for the gay community and whatever jokes they made I'm certain weren't intended with bad spirit.

I think that in some ways we have become hyper-sensitive and uptight about everything that lampoons some part of the gay experience.  Some things aren't meant to be taken so seriously.

Exactly! It sounds honorably funny to me.

I don't think anything of it I think it depends on the spirit the humor is in,everyone needs to chill on the politically correct shit,

It's a ROAST, for God's sake!! I am GAY and It is not OFFENSIVE TO ME!!  Chill, people!!

You have to be able to laugh at yourself once awhile!!

It's a ROAST, for God's sake!! I am GAY and It is not OFFENSIVE TO ME!!  Chill, people!!

You have to be able to laugh at yourself once awhile!!

Amen to that,my thought exactly

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