Connecting Men & Body Language in Sam Hendi's Masterpiece Short FIlm

The male body, for an intensive purposes, is one that gay men desire in many different facets.  So what happens when you are able to put what turns you on sensually and sexually about a guy and put it into a short film that connects the viewer to not only the bodies in question but the language they are trying to convey?

You get Sam Hendi's brilliant short film MAGNAMINOUS, which is fifteen minutes of men who come in all shapes and sizes and how they intertwine with each other in a truly beautiful way. 

This is the second in a three part series (called MADIDUS) by the budding British filmmaker.  MAGNANIMOUS, is set in a dream like world that follows a young man who is deep in his psychological nuances and within that shows the visions that are circling his mind that run the gamut on what male sexuality can be.

The backdrop to the short film is black with grey and white steam showing up every once in a while. The music is set as somewhat like white noise yet adds a touch to the film that overall makes it very interesting to hear.  

Both his first and second films (the first film was called MASS: C19H2802) feature men who are either bearish or muscular, which if these are your cups of tea, have at it because it's truly spectacular what Sam was able to do with the human body in these pieces.  Even if these guys aren't your type, the film is still visually stunning to look at as you go beyond the normal and experience something truly like you are in a dream state. 

You can see the film in its entirety below.  For more information about MADIDUS, click here