Conor Kennedy Strikes Plea Deal After Defending Gay Friend In Bar Brawl

Conor Kennedy has struck a plea deal following a December brawl in Aspen, Colorado. Kennedy was arrested after defending a friend that was on the receiving end of an anti-gay slur outside of the Bootsy Bellows nightclub.

TMZ reports:

Conor Kennedy pled guilty to a misdemeanor in his Aspen nightclub brawl, but he's going to dodge jail time IF he keeps his nose clean.

Conor -- son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Taylor Swift's ex -- had his lawyer enter the plea Wednesday, and the judge gave him a 6 month deferred sentence. That means the arrest will be scrubbed from his record if he stays out of trouble and abstains from booze and drugs over that period.

If not ... he could do time.

Be careful, Conor!



And what about the scum who started the whole thing with the insults?    Hate crime anyone!!!!!!! 

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