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Conservative Group Offers New Anti-Gay Scouting Alternative

Hooray for the homophobes! A conservative splinter group from the Boy Scouts of America has just announced that they'll be forming a brand-spanking-new organization for boys to join that will be totally separate from all those bad bad gays. This, of course, follows the BSA's decision to (kinda) end their ban on gay scouts. (Let's not forget that gay Scout leaders are still not allowed because of all the apparent pedophilia???)

The Guardian reports:

The splinter group, OnMyHonor.Net, said the new organization will offer an outdoors-oriented character-development program for boys similar to that of the Boy Scouts, while also focusing on "sexual purity" and adhering to "a standard statement of Christian values". The new organization, which has yet to be named, stopped short of banning gay children but said it would bar any members who "openly flaunt sexuality".

"We have heard directly from over 30,000 people that recommended a need for this organization," said Rob Green, a former top Boy Scouts leader in South Carolina and now interim executive director of OnMyHonor.Net's new program. "There is an organization existing now that is in line with your values."

OnMyHonor.Net is a group of parents, scoutmasters, Eagle Scouts and other scouting leaders formerly associated with the Boy Scouts. Last spring, OnMyHonor.Net lobbied the Boy Scouts to maintain their policy barring gay youths and adults from the organization.


By all means, please take all of the bigoted members of the scouting community and go have an adventure. Knock yourselves out! Have fun!

(Guys, it's called containment.)





This is pathetic!  Do their Christian Values include love, compassion, acceptance , forgiveness , etc.   Evidently  not.

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