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Considering A Chemical Peel? Tommy DiDario Takes One For The Team And Shows Us What It's Like.


When I was a kid acne was my demon.  Having three older siblings, I followed in their footsteps when it came to skin care.  I finally gave up caring about it and my acne actually went away.  What I found out was that if I washed the natural oils away, I would then get acne. My skin care regiment was actually making things worse.  It sounds bad, but I haven't washed my face in decades.  Just the cascade of water from the shower I guess is all I need.  I had enough girl / friends in college that were jealous of my skin so I guess I was doing something right.

As I am getting older, I'm wondering if it is time to consider a different treatment.  I don't see a huge difference in my skin, but I have thought about and run into many people that have had a chemical peel.  One of my friends recently went through one and it took a couple days to complete. I was immediately turned off from chemical peels after seeing his sun burn like peeling, but recently, I've been thinking about it again.  

I think Instinct Magazine's friend Tommy DiDario was knowing my dilemma for just yesterday he went and did this video below.  Let's see how his peel went with Dr. Whitney Bowe.






Yes,  Tommy is great to look at, but I think we learned some things, too.  No?  If you visit his FB page, you will see Dr. Whitney Bowe answer some of the questions the live streaming viewers had.  Click on images for larger view.




One question I had for Dr Whitney Bowe was ... Do you do chemical peels on men with facial hair? Beards? Moustaches? What's the difference? Challenge? 


Have you had a chemical peel?

Do you recommend them?

Have you done a peel with some scruff?

What was your reasoning for getting one?