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Cool Mom Slips Note Under Door After Walking In On Son Having Sex With Boyfriend

Marc is one lucky 19-year-old gay. If my mom had walked in on me during sex with my boyfriend as a teen, she would've quickly executed a sign of the cross before backing out slowly, mouth agape. She'd then be the happy guarantor on years-worth of therapy bills. 

But not Marc's mom. 

Marc's mom walked in during an amorous moment and slipped a "hey, I'm a Cool Mom" kind of note under the door minutes later. 

"I am pretty buzzed," she wrote. "Its OK. [Smiley face] - OK the smiley is too much. The brownies are ready."

Marc shared a picture of the adorable note on his Tumblr, along with a summary reading, "my mom walked in on my boyfriend and I naked and then 5 minutes later she slipped this note under my door."

A little after the awkward walk-in Marc's mom gifted him with a hilarious (but totally useful) present. 

“My mom responded to the situation by buying me a door knob with a lock on it."

Who wishes they were Marc's mom?? 




it's disturbing how these younger guys feel the need to put themselves and their business out there with NO shame in front of the whole entire world.  folks don't even try to make an effort to distance themselves.  they show their faces along with their business. then they wonder why folks from Winnipeg to colorado is talking about them or why they can't get any damn jobs.  

So you're saying we should be ashamed because we are having sex? It's not like they went into detail. It was a funny story... That's it. We are all human, and we all have sex. Pretending like we don't doesn't do a damn thing. 

no, what i'm saying is that why does he feel the need to tell the whole internet about what his mom did as if it's OUR business where he's posting himself holding the note that his mom wrote.  he wants attention just like a lot of people his age do.  attention has these folks doing this bs all the time and then they have the nerve to cry about NSA mining information from their computers and cell phones.  it's dumb.  he wouldn't be doing that if it wouldn't give him damn tumblr any hits.  i hate this kind of shit.

I know a lot of people that post on social media to update friends and family on their lives. 

If something like this were to happen to me, I'd probably post about it too. It's funny, gives people a laugh. A story to tell. I think you need to reexamine what you think peoples agendas are for posting stuff. Not everyone on theses sites is attention hungry. And you are absolutely right, if you feel like it's none of anyone's business... Don't read it and don't comment about it. You are the one on here bitching. That sounds like a need or a cry for attention, just as much as any post on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, etc. does. 

I used to write songs and one a little competition and my mother found my lyric notebook.  The next page a letter to my then boyfriend.  What did she do?  Kept the notebook for two weeks not to my knowledge.  Then after school soon there after she said we needed to talk...

she plopped the notebook on the table and said "I can't say I was always straight and your father can't say the either.  I love you.And walked out of the room

Though my mom has never walked in on me having sex with a boyfriend I'm sure she's heard the noises coming from my room. She's always been very cool and open minded like this mother, and I could ask for a better mom! Glad to see more parents accepting their children for who they are. I've had friends parents freak out over a love note before and couldn't imagine how that would feel my heart goes out to them.

Oh dear lord someone call the Jesus squad of morality and have him arrested for having the sex in his family home; because the moral fiber of this home has now been tainted and corrupted by his indecent behavior.  /sarcasm

So to everyone who seems to think that you can not have sex in your parents house/need to move out at 19 if you want to have sex. Are ANY of you willing to pay for all the bills and rent on an apartment on top of food, gas, money for laundry services, and any other items that might be needed to survive on your own in this economy?

I am guessing every single one of you are saying no at this point.

He's 19, possibly in college and working as well and living at home to have less of a strain on his financial situation. And maybe just maybe it's not so disrespectful as you all say to want to have a perfectly normal human action such as sex.

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hehehe you said taint

Aww I like you.

Why is this cool a 19 year old w a kid who looks 16 having sex in his mom's house dude go get your own crib bro

I love I'm sorry, but I love how your name is "Not a Typical Gay Guy". Sorry special snowflake, are you better then him because you're not a slut who has sex in his parent's house (sarcasm)? I literally don't understand what you feel is so grotesque about being a normal person. Is it male femininity that makes you feel so uncomfortable deep deep down? 

Hey...Commas are an important part of English...learn to use them....K...thanks.

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I bet he helped his uncle jack off a horse

Perhaps he is in school getting a degree, which is more important for his future that his own place. The salary of a server isn't so great when you get older!

That face, priceless!

My mom would have wanted me to introduce him to her.  She's 79 now, but she doesn't care that I'm gay now, nor back when I was a teen.  She's always been totally cool with it.  I got lucky in the Mom Dept. as far as that goes...

At that age my mom wouldn't have been happy but now that I'm older, recently out of the military, and going bacck to school I talk to her about everything. That includes my boyfriend, who's still a Marine, and I having sex in the house when he visits :) she's cool with it now and understands. It's made us so close that I can be so open to her.

Are we being serious? It's fine that a mom is fine with her son being gay, but if you're 19, gay or straight and want to have sex on your parents' house ... move out! Be respectful. I'm never going to be ok with my kids having sex in my house - especially unmarried. I think we're missing the point here. Good job mom- loving your kid but I think that's not the way to teach our kids to respect us. Parent first. Then friend.

I agree don't know what respect is anymore!! They are so desensitized and it's a shame!

I agree 100%

Please! Sex while unmarried is rather normal! You sound like an old Victorian maid! I was 17 when I was caught i big deal! You kid has been having sex with his hand from at least 13 on......

Sex while unmarried shouldn't be the norm. Sex isn't just about getting off, it SHOULD be about love, intimacy, exploration and adventure beteeen two RESPONSIBLE ADULTS (as I'm sure therlse young men are...hopefully). Because we have devalued intimacy, love, and genuine concern for our lovers the age of sexual activity is getting lower and lower, which is unacceptable. Is it ok for a child to have sexual exposure? No. Why? Because it is inappropriate.
I don't want my kids, my mom, my friends or ANYONE knowing what goes on in my bedroom for the simple fact that it is none of their business.

I agree and disagree. There is scientific evidence that shows that having sex improves overall health, including that of your cardio vascular system. Not having sex for extended period's time can lead to depression, high testosterone, and chemical imbalances. I agree that sex should be treated with respect and used to explore intimacy inside of a relationship, however respectfully disagree that sex isn't about just getting off. Sometimes it is, and there is biological and scientific proof to back that up. As far as sex in the house of your parents...that's a fine line and a personal choice of the parent. it's not wrong or right, and if a parent has a no sex rule it isn't automatically about admonishing their kids sexuality, it's probably more to do with the awkward factor.

So you're saying that you can't have "love, intimacy, exploration and adventure between two responsible adults" if you aren't married? Did you wait until your wedding night to have sex for the first time?

Also let's put this into context: this was a gay man. Some people are going to try to tell him that he's not allowed to have sex until he's married... then others are going to tell him that he can't get married because he's gay. So he's supposed to remain sex-less his entire life? I'd like to see you try it!

Amen, Amen, Amen, & Amen!!! I could not have wrote it better!!

I sure hope if that happens to me with either of my kids one boy one girl that I can be that calm cool and collected or with anyone I know. I know my mom would have beat the bejeezs out of me guess it good that I was straight

Iv only haf one cool moment with my sexuality & my mom but not this big.. I wish I were normal

"Normal" is a relative term my darling. I don't want "normal" its boring...why do you want it? Learn who you are and be happy with that (its a long HARD road, but you can do it). Surround yourself with people who love and support you, they are the ones that matter.

The best mom's are just as the one in this article, AWESOME!! :) :)

I always wonder if my mother would be more angry... if I were the bottom. 

I wish I were the guy with Marc lol

Lol, I wish I was Marc's boyfriend. :D

That's amazing. haha My mom is totally cool with me being gay, but they're still old fashioned. My boyfriends are still not allowed to sleep in my room till I'm engaged when I come home for the holidays. So... if she found me having sex, at 19, she would've killed me haha. Not for the gay part, but even good gay boys aren't supposed to give up the milk for free. (which seems a lot dirtier in the gay context haha)

brownies ready......a bit buzzed, notice the correlation lol.

My bf of 5 years had his mom walk in on us similarly while we were all on vacation in Key West.  She definitely had already had her fair share of adult beverages and just commented that they'll just wait by the pool for a bit! 

Although my mom is far more than ok with me being gay, I'm glad she hasn't had to witness first hand!  Glad parents are becoming more understanding and open about their children's sexuality nowadays.  It's a shame to hear the stories of families breaking up over something we don't get to choose.

cute and intelligent mom

Times change. People become more enlightened. QED

wow, nice! my parents never let any unmarried couples sleep in the same bed, no matter the age.

My mom was cool about it, she knew, add to this I am in Indian, then I used to live in India, now am in Canada. My parents were open minded about this. They were forward thinking, I and my mom would talk about my boy friends.

I envy his Mom. I would have loved to walk in on those to to watch ROFLMFAO

A note! What about the brownies! LOL. Awesome!

Great mother! 

My Mom walked in on me and an old bf when i was around his age and that was hillarious her face turned red and then she closed the door and burst out laughing.

Hahahahaha cool...  Nice mom & cute son  :D


I hope Marc's mom realizes what a beautiful woman she is. Also kind hearted and funny. She reacted better then most. If she had only knew how some parents react to their child being gay.


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