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Cop Kisses Boyfriend To Piss Off Westboro Baptist Church At D.C. Pride

Happy Pride, indeed!!

​Arlington, Virginia police officer D.J. Stalter and his boyfriend Mark Raimondo put their love in full display of Westboro Baptist Church protesters at Washington, D.C. Pride! 

It appears they got a reaction! 

Westboro Baptist Church tweeted:

We think they were just looking for an excuse to tweet a pic of two cute guys kissing...

Here's another shot from Raimondo's Instagram:

Officer Stalter and Raimondo tell The Gaily Grind that  they “wanted to show everyone that you should be proud of who you are regardless what some people think.”

Mission accomplished! 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind


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I think gay marriages are better than straight marriages because they can relate to their partners and they dont need to focus on raising a kid until they are ready, there is still a way to have a child many options are available to have a child, best part is they can choose when they are ready. So being gay is not a sin, being straight can be a sin though, just my opinion. and also a little Common Sense 'n Intuition.

The sign saying "Soldiers Die 4 Fag Marriage" is in fact true... American Soldiers die to defend and stand up for the right of equal marriage!

The Westboro bigots don't realize how true that sign is!

and having a divorce or doing abortion or birth control? so its a sin to not overpopulate the earth... oh and im pretty sure Jesus accepted gays even Jesus was in fact gay. those rules are balogna there was no marriage when before churchse were invented.

No disrespect or harm as I am infact in full support of the gay community but who the HELL told you Jesus was gay?!?!?

its kida like because he was 30 and still a virgin and had 12 disciples type of thing. does god have a spouse? no dont think so.

What a moron. People speak out of such ignorance. I don't agree with either. But I have tons of gay friends. I don't agree with the gay lifestyle only because God did not create gay. He created man, and woman. Again, I have nothing against the persons they are. I am Christian, but am excruciatingly sickened by this place that calls itself a "church". Westboro Baptist Church is a disgusting, twisted, never to be compared to another Christian church because they are from satan. If they read their Bible (unless they re-wrote it, which wouldn't be beneath them, which is also punishable by hell) we are to present ourselves with LOVE TO EVERYONE!!!! Including gay soldiers, gay anything. I just want to meet up with one in the street and let them say something to me about one of my friends, and I'm afraid I'd have to give a seriously firm punch in the face!!! And I'm not a violent person. Oh that so pisses me off. And son, your comment about Jesus being you realize how dumb that sounds? You say because he never married, and was 30 that he had to be gay???? I'm 52, not married. Does that mean I'm gay? Get a grip boy.

well you need to do research on this because if you look back in the past most armies in the past times was mostly mad up of gay and bi lovers because they believe in sending them into battle together they fight harder to stay alive and to save there country or take over another country and to gay times have been around before and after jesus so get things right

no marriages no divorces probably everyone was gay.

I think this the best thing EVER 

There were actually two officers kissing their partners in front of the demonstrators.  They seemed to be having fun antagonizing these idiots.  

There were actually two cops kissing their partners in front of the demonstrators. 

yes, i didn't know it was a pride parade setting. they were likely not w the group.

yes. (a "parade"? i saw a pic of 3 girls standing amidst and facing the same direction as the "church" group.) but in any case, the polarized 'struggles' are all of the same struggle to experience the oneness. the oneness eventually to become apparent to all.

Jan, I don't think the cute little ethnic girls you are referring to are part of the group.  They are to stylish for that group.  I think they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just wanted to show their love for each other in front of the bastards called WBC.  They may have even been texting their friends to come see the stupidity that was behind them.  LOL!!! BUT, they are def. not WBC, for sure, bahahahah!!!   I have only seen White people in that group.  Don't worry I am white I can say that. :)

Counter protests of WBC does not work. They love the attention and don't care if you kiss a cop. The best way to combat them is wait till their demonstration is OVER, then follow them home. Protest the hotel or private home they stay in, protest the restaurant they eat at, protest the rental car company they use, etc. most importantly, if you see WBC on a plane, tell the flight crew there are known terrorists on the plane.

Very. Good. Ideas.

Love that idea

Maybe I should just read the Gaily Grind, it seems like all the stories are coming from there these days

YUM! So  proud of them. Being normal, and unashamed of your identity 

is something to celebrate, and certainly not be ashamed of. Thank God for

Westboro freaks to shine a light on it all!!

hot couple.  great pic.  And those protesters can eat shit.

I was at the Pride Parade in DC on Saturday.......This was one of the most emotional parts of the whole weekend.  To see these strong young men "unashamed" of their love for one another was really beautiful!  God loves us all!

noticed in the background, the 3 lil' textin whores of religious babylon, in their hypocritical and vulgar short shorts and tight pants. they don't fully know it yet, but the plug has been pulled on their fear and hate based mindless insanity. may the universal oneness soon become apparent to all.

OR!.... Or... They are just three girls walking by with their phones when they noticed a radical group of people holding signs with opinionative comments on them. 


Sorry that was ignorant of me. I forgot random people walking around during a parade is way more farfetched then scantily clad "whores" participating in a Westboro Baptist Church protest. 

<<  !

<Alternative Perspective> 

yes, i didn't know it was a pride parade setting. they were likely not w the group.

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