Cory Booker Expertly Handles Homophobic Heckler While Performing One Of New Jersey's First Same-Sex Marriages

Sen. Cory Booker earned our future votes for any national office he's had his eye on years ago, but cemented our hanging chads at midnight. While officiating some of New Jersey's first marriages for same-sex couples, Sen. Booker took care of a religious extremist heckler who attempted to hijack the ceremony. 

When asking the crowd if anyone objected to the marriage of the couple standing in front of the lawmaker, an unidentified man took the opportunity to show off his crazy. "This is unlawful in the eyes of god!" he shouted, before launching more indistinguishable epithets at the group celebrating love.

"Well, sir — please remove that person. Please remove that person," Sen. Booker started. "And not hearing any substantive, worthy objections, I now will proceed with the vows."

Hit the 2:20 mark for the action.