Could You Pick Your Boyfriend's Member Out Of A Lineup While Blindfolded?

This video made the interweb rounds a few years ago, but somehow we missed it! (Thanks to The Gaily Grind for bringing it to our attention!)

Those cheeky Brits continue to push the boundaries--this time on a dating game show in which a blindfolded girl was tasked with identifying her boyfriend by feeling his junk (and the junk of three other studs!) Could she pick her beau's member out of a literal line-up?? 

Could you??

Watch!  (NSFW-ish)

We pride ourselves on our powers of observation and detection! Let us give it a shot!!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


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I certainly wouldn't be fondling other men in a lineup. My boyfriend wouldn't fly for that! I miss the classy days. 

He was hating by using the derogatory term breeder. Narrow.

Sorry but tired if these breeder videos. Show us guy on guy

thats being a little bit of a bigot isnt it? how can we expect equality if there are so many gays hating on straight people? like wtf is wrong with you man. 

Um... how is asking to see GAY content on a GAY website "hating" on straight people?

Stop trying to make issues where there are none. If you want to do that go to Tumblr.

chill, he wasn't 'hating'... but stating a preference for what he'd rather see here on instinct.

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