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Couple Attacked After Allegedly Having Sex In McDonald's Bathroom

Note to readers: Don't have sex at McDonald's. 

It probably goes without saying, but this apparent attack on a lesbian couple that got caught allegedly having sex in a McDonald's bathroom (ew.) drives home the point.

The Consumerist reports:

A group of customers went to a manager on Wednesday afternoon and claimed that there were two women engaging in inappropriate behavior, reports Because while getting busy is fine and all, no one should (allegedly) be doing so in a public restaurant.

The manager went to the bathroom and told the women to leave, say police. Shortly after they’d done so, according to cops, the group of seven or eight people who had reported the couple ran outside and began assaulting the two women.

One woman was stabbed in the shoulder with an unknown object by a woman who had two kids with her, police said. During the incident, the couple reported that their attackers used derogatory language.

The crowd finally broke up when cops arrived on the scene, and officials convinced the stabbing victim to go to the hospital. She was treated for her injuries and released. The police are reviewing surveillance videos from inside McDonald’s to identify the people suspected of attacking the couple.


Yikes.  What you do with a spork is your business, Instincters, but let's keep it out of food establishments. And to the woman with two kids that's stabbing people--we think you may be setting an example for your kids that worse than that of the alleged perpetrators....


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